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June 27, 2024 / July 22, 2024

  • REC CAMP 1 - $35
  • REC CAMP 2 - $35
  • REC CAMP 1 and 2 - $60
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I am aware of the dangers involved in participating in physical activity, physical competition and with certain equipment related to this league/camp. I am aware that Champions Sports Academy involves competition and sometimes-physical contact with and against other players/athletes. I am further aware that there is an inherent danger and risk of injury in this participation, competition, and league. My parent/guardian and I are aware that many of these injuries may be serious and may include, without limitation, damages to joints, bones, muscle, ligaments, the neck or spine and other parts of the body. Additionally, I will use any required equipment in a proper manner and will follow any and all instructions related to such equipment including those instructions provided by the manufacturer equipment personnel and coaches.

I agree to exonerate, save indemnify, and hold harmless Champions Sports Academy, its officers, agents, and employees, including without limitation, equipment personnel, physicians and other practitioners of the healing arts, from any and all liability, claims, cause of action, or demands of any kind, including without limitation personal injury which may arise from or in connection with my participation in any activities related to the camp/league.

Champions Sports Academy will not be financially responsible for injuries/accidents occurring during camps or leagues.

The terms here serve as a release and assumption of risk for me, my parents/guardian, my heirs, estate, executor, administrator, assignee, and all members of my family, I have read and understand this acknowledgement and release and execute it as a free and voluntary act. Further, this acknowledgement and release is contractual and not a mere recital.

I hereby grant permission for physicians or other licensed health care providers and their designees to administer outpatient medical services as appropriate, or necessary antigens or other injections, to perform emergency procedures as necessary or to refer to duly licensed medical personnel when indicated.

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